The Office offers legal aid on the territory of the European Union, Switzerland and the CIS.
The Office offers legal services, including:
  • Written and oral consultations, representation before third parties, negotiations, pre-contractual relations, preparation of documents, preparation of agreements, declarations, invitations, letters, etc.
  • Preparation and drafting of contracts, annexes thereto, preliminary contracts, title deeds, representation before notary public.
  • Preparation, representation and protection in lawsuits in Bulgaria and EU member-states.
  • Representation before the competent organizations, administrations and institutions.
  • Estate and property management.
  • Consultations and assistance in the field of the European Union law and individual European countries.
Law Office Zhelevi (Jelevi) offers subscription-based legal services, procedural protection, assistance and representation, legal consultations and advice, participation in negotiations and transactions, drafting of contracts, opinions and analyses.

Our team provides procedural and extra-procedural representation before all judicial and arbitration authorities, before state and municipal administration as well as to foreign embassies in the Republic of Bulgaria.

We offer consultations and assistance also in the area of European Union law and the legislation of different European countries, the CIS and other countries in the world.

Commercial law
  • Incorporation, registration and changes in legal entities
  • Transfer of stock and company shares
  • Corporate management
  • Management Contracts
  • Transfer of undertakings
  • Transformations - consolidation, merger, separation, split-up
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Procedural representation on commercial disputes
  • Subscription-based services for companies
  • Preparation and drafting of legal documents for commercial transactions
  • Commercial contracts
  • International commercial contracts
  • Agency Contracts
  • Representation and participation in negotiations
  • Drawing up and settlement of contractual relations
  • Drawing up and settlement of civil transactions and contracts
  • Consultations and organizing the protection of the rights of creditors
  • Assessment of financial risk
  • Pledges and mortgages
  • Other collaterals
Tax law and administrative law
  • Tax counseling
  • Representation before the tax administration
  • Treaties for the avoidance of double taxation
  • Appeals of administrative acts
  • Customs and currency consultations
  • Regulations and rules of trade and consumer protection
  • Advising on regulatory requirements in Bulgaria, permits, licenses, concessions
Insurance law
  • Insurance counseling
  • Representation before insurance companies
  • Judicial protection in insurance claims
Competition law
  • Advice and protection against unfair competition
  • Representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition
Civil law
  • Legal consultations on civil litigation and relationships.
  • Conducting of negotiations for settlement of civil litigations
  • Procedural representation in civil litigations
  • Consultations, initiation and conducting of judicial enforcement proceedings
  • Subscription-based services for the protection of the legal interests of citizens
Family Law
  • Consultations on family matters
  • Divorce - preparation of documentation and procedural representation before judicial authorities
  • Establishment and challenge of origin
  • Consultations and legal assistance and protection in adoption
  • Acts of civil status
  • Partition of property - court and voluntary extrajudicial partition
Inheritance law
  • Drafting of testament
  • Partition of inheritance - voluntary and court
Property law and Investments
  • Transactions with real property
  • Advising on investments in real estate
  • Management of the risk and tax counseling
  • Construction - requirements and procedures
  • Notarial procedures
Employment and Social insurance law
  • Employment contracts, conclusion, amendment and termination
  • Advising on employment of Bulgarian and foreign staff
  • Social and health insurance
  • Employment disputes
Procedural law
  • Preliminary assessment of legal disputes and preparation of judicial procedures
  • Mediation
  • Procedural representation before state courts and special courts
  • Arbitration agreements and procedures
Criminal law
  • Road accidents
  • Crimes against property
  • Crimes against the tax system
  • Crimes against the financial system
  • Customs crimes

Through its lawyers and its partners abroad the law firm provides protection of the rights of its clients in all European countries, including countries, that are not members of the European Union, the CIS etc.

Protection and representation before international judicial institutions
  • Representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for any violations of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
  • Representation before Court of Justice in Luxembourg for breaches of European Union law.

Legal aid for individuals and legal entities
  • Drafting of contracts and additional agreements
  • Opinions on draft contracts
  • Participation in negotiations and conclusion of contracts
  • Enforcement
  • Collection of receivables by bailiff
  • Preliminary contracts for acquisition and sale of real property and opinions on such contracts
  • Drafting of title deeds and overall preparation of transactions in notarial form
  • Mortgages and foreclosures: preparation, registration and deletion
  • Right of use, building right and other encumbrances
  • Acquisition and right of ownership by prescription
  • Representation before administrative authorities
Services for companies
  • Re-Registration of companies
  • Registration of companies
  • Changes in existing sole proprietors and companies and their entry in the Commercial Register
  • Acquisition of businesses
  • Termination (liquidation) of proprietors and companies
  • Other services for proprietors
  • - preparation and opinions on commercial contracts
    - participation in negotiations
    - subscription-based legal services with option for accounting services
    - drafting and registration of collaterals on commercial contracts, mortgages and special pledges
    - registration of Bulgarian companies with foreign capital
    - legal opinions and analyses on issues raised by the client
    - drafting of employment contracts and additional agreements

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